Film Theory: How WandaVision Will End And Why It Matters (Marvel)

Birt 4 feb 2021
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I am thoroughly impressed with Disney's first Marvel Disney show, WandaVision. The old time sitcom comedy mixed with the almost Twilight Zone feel of the mystery is just what I needed to reinvigorate the Marvel Theory side of my brain. Today Loyal Theorists, I am going to PREDICT the end of WandaVision based on all of the cluse so far - plus how I think it will shape the rest of the MCU moving forward. You won't want to miss this!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman, and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • “And I killed sparky”

  • well rip this theory. ep. 8 breaks this theory.

  • Since Wanda never stole Visions body, I think there will be a showdown of the vision that she created and the OG vision. Also, there will be a showdown with Agatha and Photon (for those who don't know that's Monica) and Wanda.


  • 2:15 he was correct

  • This show concept is absolutely genius.

  • Who is here after Wandavison Ep8.The stark industries one was true!!

  • Matt was spot on with Wanda being in Hayward’s office. Wow.

  • Sorry MatPat you were wrong😅

  • 3 weeks later: This episode finally convinced me to binge WandaVision. With the episode 2 weeks later as where I post this. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! I believe Marvel had 2 plots: one with this theory as true and one with Agnes as the bad guy ... and went with the Agnes storyline when they saw this video cuz Hollywood **hates** Theorists!!!!! (**Rewatched to confirm and give you that sweet sweet watch time!**) In fact, I'd go so far as to say Disney SPECIFICALLY waited for you to post this before choosing which path to take!!!!! Cuz ... Mad Mouse!

  • China really at it.

  • If it was the 90's with today's technology boomers would be less sarcastic and annoying

  • your theory is about to be realized...cheers from Chile

  • it was wandaaa alll along

  • Freaky how accurate this is

  • Merry 8th Episode, everyone!

  • Does anyone has any theories abt the finale ?plzz tell before midnight plsz

  • Holly conjectures catpat! did matpat just nailed 100% a theory?!

  • “Apparently everyone just wants to watch the avengers put together baby furniture” do you know how long the fandom has been asking for an avengers sitcom?

  • Disney has noticed you now scream in joy or hatred

  • So now we know that Billy and Tommy don't exist l m a o

  • Coming back after watching Wanda recreate Vision from the Hex.

  • Idiot

  • Episode 8 anybody

  • It Was Agatha all along

  • Who else saw episode 8

  • Does Chinese citizens know they have strict sensors on movies

  • Watching this after episode 7 and Agatha's reveal.

  • the fact everything he said here is actually coming true!!!

  • The twins where taken back by mefesto after Wanda finds out there souls came from mefesto so they did exist just that they where taken back or absorbed by mafesto after they had developed there inherited powers but they are latter reenactment

  • NOT ME GETTING A FUCKING SOAP AD AFTER HE SAYS "I make my own soap now" Like literally the second he ends the sentence ✋😭😭😭

  • Me: hey thats some nice outro music Me a second later: Wait this isnt a Bdubs video...

  • Haha Agetha Harkness go brrrrr

  • 6:15. Girl has been through so fucking much

  • The dark one you mean Sha'tain? I MEAN B'lazamon father of lies. Edit: The fact that the movies somewhat repeat the comics is like the repeating of the wheel from the Wheel of Time series.

  • Just want to say that this theory was incredibly predictable and everyone else was theorizing this. Either Mat is ripping other people off or he just doesn't have any original ideas anymore. Although, I am still subscribed because I feel he is just in the process of working on a more ORIGINAL theory that we can all enjoy. Mat if you see this comment just know I know you can do better and I support you, I just feel as though this was a bit lazy...

  • Wanda is both villain and victim. And just an fyi Wanda's mutant power is the power of hex so that may be why its hexagonal

  • I can just hear this in my head. MatPat:What if the secret villain of Wandavision-and the next phase as a whole- is Wanda Maximoff herself- Wanda:No *REWIND TIME* MatPat:🎶ItS bEeN aGaThA aLl AlOnG!🎶

  • “It was Agatha all along” Wow... You were actually right this time!

  • It's phase 4 not phase 5

  • Why does mat pat keep on saying phase 5 instead of 4

  • It surprising how he nails it

    • Not really

  • Agnes = AGatha harkNESS

  • After last weeks episode this is pretty much all confirmed

  • OK I know that I know Matt Pat maybe giving marvel studios some thoughts so his theories could come true because in the new episodes or not episodes him videos he was talking about Agnes being Agana or something

  • Cool video you got here today man

  • Bruh we know how this would end for over a year after they announced someone was going to be in the show Now the real question is who is getting summoned in the final episode Mr satan Edge lord nightmare Big gaint squid

  • To bad Wanda is not the bad guy if she where you would get one thing right

  • The princalbal of spider man wasn’t he in caiptain America the first movie

  • Theory: She could possibly have power over the reality stone. Her powers are some kind of a reddish glow, and the reality stone is red. There's not much evidence, but it's a theory.

  • I,m Wanda !!! Again

  • Me: nah I'm not going to risk spoiling it Also me: what am I thinking this is film theory, the only spoiler is how it won't end

  • It was Santa all ALONG

  • Disneystream + isn't in south Africa so I can't watch this show. How I love spoilers.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I would like to make a suggestion for a new theory. The "death" of Elsa and Anna's parents. According to the first Frozen film, the ship was on the Dark Sea supposedly on a voyage, when a storm arose and devistated the ship taking the King and Queen to their deaths. But according to the second film the frozen sculpture, it shows the waves washing them over board. The second thing is that when Elsa tried to cross the Dark Sea, is prevented her, not by killing her but by prohibiting her to cross. Sure there is the battle between Elsa and the water spirit but all in all it never meant to harm Elsa. Here is my theory. The King and Queen are stranded on a island isolated from the "world", a part of the Dark Sea never mapped. And were trying to find a way back to their kingdom, but was prohibited from accomplishing their goal, or until the Dark Sea was tamed by Elsa. They now have a safe means of way to get back home. Please expand on this in a video. Thanks.

  • The Disney plus shows are not the main mcu universe ppl sorry. they are including Wanda vision an alternate reality

  • I'm glad I didn't watch this before I started watching Wandavision because this is just straight up full of spoilers-

  • Matt, Disney went smol brain this time and annoyed china. By the way, i fell like this is marvel trying DHMIS or Poppy. just saying

  • Imagine when he realises that he missed predicting Agatha harkness by that much

  • Well I will never be watching a film theory before I finish a show again. I was confused and jumped on thus show later than others and MatPats theory made sense with what I knew and I made an active effort to avoid the comments but I accidentally looked at the top comment that spoiled it for me. I couldn't be more disappointed, I thought it was a cool route that mad sense but I wanted to have that "holy crap!" moment too.

  • I knew there was something up with that toaster! The references in the show are so clever, makes me love it even more

  • so why is wanda after more than 1 disney film not speaking like russian

  • Even though it has been Agatha all along, Wanda is still a villain here. She revived Vision against his own will even if she did save him from being a weapon to Hayward. Her intention was to kidnap a town and force them to become her puppets for Vision and her. Agatha is just trying to ruin that by making things go haywire, like sending Pietro in. Agatha might be the THE villain but Wanda is also A villain. People might defend her because it was out of sadness but there are still Avengers there who could have help her. The Avengers are her family.

  • he predicted agatha all along ayooo

  • I watched this right before I watched the 7th episode and started screaming about how they were right about Agatha (sidenote: I think my mom heard me and now thinks I'm crazy)

  • awesome vid my man!!!!


  • Good job Matpat!

  • i watched the first episode...and there it is....MARVEL has lost the plot!!!!...i can`t bring myself to watch anymore of it!!!!!

  • 🎶who’s been messing up everything🎶 ITS BEEN AGATHA ALL ALONG😈

  • What if marvel was actually using theory channels like these to manipulate us and pull a plot twist that we thought weren't gonna happen?

  • I'm waiting for episode 8 but also waiting for a third film theory video on wandavision

  • The far-flung party geographically join because bacon formerly open down a elastic account. safe, unused catamaran

  • Wow! It's not everyday that one of MatPat's theories actually happened in the events of the show. Agatha Harkness' reveal and Mephisto connections anyone?

  • It’s was Agatha all along

  • Agatha .is back and Spectrum.

  • 9:13 jojo fans will have no trouble depicting this

  • It was Agatha All Along!

  • You are saying too much for my little brain I'm getting so confused *dies×_×

  • marvel must have seen this and changed the 7 th episode

  • I’m so proud of mat he guessed Agatha harkness

  • it was Agatha all along

  • So Wanda is the strongest avenger ever IM SENSING A GIRL FIGHT BETWEEN WANDA VS CAROL DANVERS

  • Trust me, Disney doesn’t care. Talking animals are their bread and butter lol.

  • i am a huge fan of wanda and she would still be my favorite even if she is a villian, and i think you got that right

  • MatPat, don't go to Freud. Just, no.

  • I'm here after watching all 7 episodes and your other WandaVision theory.

  • watching this after episode 7 like cool theory bro but disney had a different plan

  • who's been messing up everything ITS BEEN AGATHA ALL ALONG

  • If Disney plus is not even available in China then why would it matter if maphiso was in the series? The sensor may be on shows as well but this only shows in Disney plus so they couldn’t watch anyway. Most streaming services are not available in China. Disney may be trying to make a Disney plus for China but a lot of shows will be removed like hocus pocus or halloweentoen anything else that shows “ghosts” or things that that China wouldn’t be okay with. I do see the other side of maphiso not being able to be the big bad because they wouldn’t be able to release those movies in China which would hurt profit. . But this show may already be out because of the magic. interesting tho. We will see!

  • Agatha killed a dog

  • when he's so right its almost as if he was from the future lol

  • Ayo he called out agatha in the first 5 minutes, IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALONG

  • can we get an ENA theory

  • Lucifer film theory? O.o

  • Life theory aka philosophy

  • Wait why would marvel be worried of showing Mephisto in China when Disney+ doesn't exist in china, plus Agatha has already been revealed anyways.

  • Episode 7, Agnes IS Agatha

    • Well of course!! It’s been Agatha all along!!

  • What episode it this up too?